Getting Back In It


Hi! It's been a hot minute since I've really said or done anything Online. A lot has happened - TL;DR Social Media made me very Sad and Stressed so I made my own website.

The website has actually been a long time coming - I wanted a personal webspace separate from my professional one and while it was very easy to just chill on The (Formerly) Bird Site or the Blue Blogging Site, I was starting to get seriously overwhelmed by the amount of Corporate Bullshit that I was basically a captive audience to. Oh yeah, and I'm super queer, if that adds any further context.

My hope for this website is to just make it as much of a "Home" page for myself as I can. What you'll see here are aspects of my life that I choose to share publicly because I think they're neat - nothing fancy! This may include art things, various hyperfixations, and probably some third thing? Look forward to me figuring out what that is!

And because I'm genuinely terrible at Doing Anything unless I'm being actively Encouraged and Enabled...if you've followed me here from whatever platform I was on, or if you just happened to stumble upon my Weird Website, I'd love to hear personally from you. How has your Online Experience been these days? Are you also considering or making your own site? If so, I'd love to see it! (I have no idea how to facilitate making conversation on my own website yet - we can always do it old-school in the meantime.)